Expect Expert Administration & Superior Customer Service

At the core of our services, MediView provides unparalleled claim administration and superior customer service. Unlike most third party administrators, MediView has an in-house Medical Management department for all of your plan’s needs.

At the heart of our technology platform, MediView utilizes the Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) claims administration system. Robust and customizable, the VBA system allows us to configure your benefit plan to a very detailed level ensuring that your claims are paid quickly, accurately and consistently across plan benefits. Whether your plan uses a national physician network or you have directly contracted providers, the VBA system can easily process claims using the network’s claim pricing or we can configure the provider’s unique fee schedule.

Plan Design

Benefit plans can be configured to a great level of detail ensuring accurate claim adjudication. Plan changes can be tracked easily and history of changes to the benefit plan is maintained in the system.

We have extensive experience managing a variety of benefit plans from self-insured ERISA plans to fully-insured and complex governmental plans.

Access to Data

MediView can provide you with access to system generated reports, ad-hoc or customized reports or for larger analytic needs, access to a full reporting database.

Customer Service

Calls are answered with your group or health plan name and are customized by client. Our customer service department is staffed to maximize response time and minimize both hold times and caller abandonment rates.

Reporting & Financial Services

Our Financial Services Department manages administrative functions for you, including reporting, check writing, bank reconciliation, eligibility and stop-loss reinsurance claim filings.

MediView can tailor specific services to suit your unique needs.

Full Information Technology Support

MediView is supported by its own in-house IT programming staff to enhance, modify or upgrade software and hardware applications as needed. This translates to the flexibility and customization we can provide to our clients.

Medical Management

Having its own medical management department gives you, our client, a distinct advantage over other administrators who use a third-party company for these services. MediView’s RN’s are also certified case managers and we employ a Medical Director in-house.

Our Medical Management staff is fully integrated into administrative processes such as claims, customer service and reporting. All of their interactions with providers and members/patients are fully documented in the VBA system to ensure proper claim payment. Our team of physicians and nurses has a wealth of experience in managing and monitoring health care, on behalf of the employer, the health plan and the patient. We offer utilization management, case management and disease management for our clients.

Worry-Free Implementation

Our experienced management team will make your plan implementation and transition as worry-free and seamless as possible. We will meet with your team to fully understand the needs of your benefit plan and complete the configuration and testing of your plan on a timely basis. We also will work with any plan related third-party vendors (e.g. prescription benefit manager, stop-loss reinsurer, life or dental carrier) for necessary file transfers of data or eligibility.